The Weather Story

January 26, 2018

Snowman Snow

A taste of spring with sunshine and warmer weather brought snowman snow, sticky and compact. Ideal for playing.

Snowballs rolled into snowmen bodies and tinier balls fitting in soaked mittened hands for throwing.

Soaked in melted snow, but not frozen, bodies duck and dive dodging icy snowballs. Laughing. Playing


January 24, 2018


Today the world was leached of all it’s color. It stood still and quiet, colorless and vast. Trees a stark contrast against the deep drifts of snow. A textureless gray sky knit a seamlessly with the monotone earth. Gray, white, black spanned as far as the eye could see.


January 23, 2018

Snow Angel

Sharp and soft edges. Snow-covered boughs. Birds. Silence. Awakening of the senses. Stillness. Vibrant energy. Peaceful synergy. The most beautiful snow angel.

Snow knee deep, trees bent under it’s weight and the sun peaking through the clouds casting golden glows and delicate shadows.

Tiny foot prints in the snow. Remnants of the deers’ slumber in the woods and glittering branches twisted into dewy spider webs.


January 22, 2018

Dreams Fell

Dreams fell from the sky in abundance, blanketing the world in their hope. They fell on my face going off like pop rocks, leaving my skin damp — a memory of their promise.

The wind picked them up as if they weighed nothing, and they danced. Circling and swirling until they grew tired and floated to the place where dreams lie.

It was beautiful.