City chic turned country geek

The thing is, there’s nothing outwardly spectacular about me. I don’t excWeddFamel at any one thing, I’m not brilliant, nor am I patient. I get overwhelmed easily, start and don’t finish loads of projects, and I’m not very domestic — don’t cook, don’t clean — much. But I love freely, dream daily, crave adventure, and seek freedom.

I’m a wife, mother, career woman (for now), and dreamer writing about how I’m living out my dream as city chic turned country geek girl running a business (farm) and learning to homestead (a tough feat for a girl who doesn’t really cook). My hope is through this blog, others will be inspired to live out their dreams, adventure daily, and live and love freely.

Though it scares me a little LOT, I will be vulnerable, honest, and authentic as I chase this business and homestead dream of mine.


A few tidbits about me

I love…

  • adventure in the obvious and not-so-obvious ways
  • my family, who has brought me on my biggest adventure yet
  • writing and one day dream of being a “real writer”
  • clothes, but not in a fashiony sort-of way, in a creative expression sort-of way
  • nature and am working to build a life based on that connection
  • people who are different from me — they make me so much more open-hearted

I fear…

  • failing at this blog, at homesteading, farming, parenting, marketing, business
  • not being special enough
  • boring clothes
  • complacency

I do…

  • healthcare marketing for my day job
  • random writing, occasional weaving, spontaneous playing, and reckless sewing as hobbies
  • dream and adventure daily in small and big ways

*Header photo credit: St. Paul Photo Co.

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